Ashley Madison Sucks Ashley Madison Scams


Ashley Madison Tip – Ashley Madison Free Trial is a Scam

So I'm seeing all these Ashley Madison free trial articles popping up. When I dug deeper, I come to find out that there's no such thing as a free trial! It's all one big affiliate scam to trick visitors into paying for Ashley Madison. Now, that's an Ashley Madison Scam.

When it comes to affairs, its virtually impossible to get things for free. Think about it, discretion is critical for people looking for affairs. As a result, men and women actually pay the money to Ashley Madison to be discreet!


Who is the Future Ashley Madison?

For the discreet cheater, Ashley Madison is a goldmine. Problem is, the site never discusses the bad it does for a relationship. Funny how that works right?

Now when you look at the younger generation, can you tell who the next Future Ashley Madison's of the world would be? Take the Jersey Shore for instance. Can you picture any one of these characters being faithful to one party for the rest of their life? I'd be laughing too, except it's just sad.

If you want a good laugh though, check out this Jersey Shore party video shot inside the Jersey Shore house. It was done for Ashley Madison's sister site